I Don’t Need’em feat. Don Chicas

Dane is revitalized and ready to get back to work with his new single set to release everywhere April 26. This song definitely shows his growth over the past year. If the EP “A Conduit of Light” was a smorgasbord of emotions this single is the epitome of Dane. He takes chances with this track not knowing how it will be received by the masses or the backlash that may come with it. All I know is this tracks, definitely a banger.

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Eighty6 & Rhodes (2018)

Eighty6 & Rhodes is about the darkest times in Dane's young and adult life. From living in a condemned house growing up, not having a father present in his life, as well as relationship insecurities that caused romances to fall apart. In his own words "I'm emotionally damaged." The EP he's created reverberates the pain he's been trying to overcome his entire life. It's authentic and truly from the heart. Eighty6 & Rhodes is Dane's transformation from a boy to a man.

Out now everywhere!

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A Conduit Of Light (2019)

Dane is back at it again with his second EP titled, A Conduit of Light. On this mini album he searches within himself to truly bring you the "real him." The tone of this EP is completely different from his first project. It's more provocative, but also enlightening. It touches on points his first EP only began to scratch the surface of. This time around he tackles the challenges we all face at some point in our lives. He gets ultra personal and vulnerable with tracks like "L2J" and "On & On". He explains his plight and how that affected him while still trying to pursue his dream. This album won't disappoint! Honestly, you'll definitely be glad you pressed play.

Out now everywhere!


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